June 6-9, 2024

Babalon Rising
Pan-Thelemic Festival

at Midian Events ~ Springville, IN

We are ready for festival! Are you?!! Download a copy of our reminders and/or a handy packlist here:

June 6-9, 2024

 2024 Theme: Tzaddi/Emperor

 Ages 21+ Only (ID required)

The Babalon Rising Festival is a place for occultists of all kinds to come together to discuss and perform magick and ritual, and to live the law of Thelema in a clothing-optional, primitive camping environment. Babalon Rising encourages self-exploration, spontaneous ritual, and lively magick. 

 “Babalon Rising was serious Thelema all day, and serious Agape all night. It was the best outdoor festival I've ever attended.”

--Lon Milo DuQuette on the 2006 Babalon Rising Festival

Arrive Early

The official festival schedule starts on Friday at 9am, and you won't want to miss a moment of this jam-packed weekend of ritual, lecture, exploration, and performance. That's why we encourage you to come check-in and set up your camp on Thursday. We even have some un*official shenanigans planned for Thursday ~ when camp is ready and the fire is lit.

Stay in Touch

Join the Babalon Rising group on Facebook to connect with other festival attendees, plan ride-shares, vote in polls, and get a taste of our community both before and after the fest.

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