General Information

What does it cost to attend the festival?

Why must I Register before showing up at the festival?

Can I attend for a Single Day? Can I attend for a single night?

Where do festival proceeds go?

What is the purpose of this festival?

Why is the festival 21+?

Is there an online forum for festival attendees?

Is there a non-social-media option for staying connected?

How did this festival originate?

Culture of the Event

What is Thelema?

In what ways is this a Thelemic event?

Is the festival connected to any specific magical orders or fraternities?

Do I have to be a Thelemite to attend?

Why is Babalon Rising a camping event (and not a con)?

What are the festival rules or code of conduct?

Where can I offer feedback, suggestions, or ideas for the festival organizers to consider?

Is the entire festival clothing optional?

Is filming and/or photography permitted?

Are audio recordings permitted?

Can I breastfeed at the festival?

Any other cultural notes?

Registration & Bartering

What does it cost to attend the festival?

If I pre-register but can't attend, can I get a refund?

Are there options to reduce the cost of my entry?

What happens if I don't fulfill my barter?

Venue & Amenities

Where is the festival being held in 2023?

What amenities can I expect at this location?

What should I bring to the festival?

What should I NOT bring to the festival?

Where is the best place to camp?

Will my campsite have a firepit?

Are there internet and cell phone connectivity at this venue?

Are there charging stations or other electrical access at this venue for attendees?

Will I be able to plug in my C-Pap?

What is the weather like in the region?

Are there food vendors or a community kitchen?

Where can I buy Supplies in the area?

Can I bring my RV or pop-up camper? Will I have access to water, electric, or sewer, if I do?

Can I stay off-site during the festival?

What airport(s) are located nearby?

Is there a bus station nearby?

How can I arrange a ride-share with other attendees?

Health & Safety

What precautions does the festival take to limit the spread of coronavirus, influenza, and other public health concerns?

Will I be able to plug in my C-Pap or other medical equipment?

What sort of First Aid assistance is available?

What is the nearest hospital, if there is a medical emergency?

I have a medical condition. Who should I tell at the festival?

Are there supports in place for emotional/psychological well-being during this event?

I have a disability. What sort of accessibility accommodations are available?

Festival Events

What is the Feast of the Beast?

Who will be presenting at the 2023 Babalon Rising Festival?

What workshops, rituals, performances, or lectures are being offered for the 2023 Babalon Rising Festival?

What has been presented at past BR festivals? Who has presented in the past?