Babalon Rising encourages self-exploration, spontaneous ritual, and lively magick. There are several ways to get involved in making this magick happen, for those who are interested. 

Be a Presenter

 We always need workshops, lectures, entertainment, rituals, and even those difficult-to-define experiences that make Babalon Rising Festival an immersive magickal wonderland. If you have a proposal that you'd like to offer for inclusion at this year's festival, please see our application for presenters.

Be a Barter/Volunteer

 Our barters are the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that fuels the festival. We can't do it without help. If you would like to barter some of your labor and festival time for reduced entry fees, please check out our Barter page..

Be a Vendor

Vending is FREE for all participants of the festival -- including paid attendees, bartered attendees, presenters of all types, and organizers. We just ask that all vendors check out our Vendor page before bringing and setting up their wares, as there are some considerations at play.