We are currently accepting proposals for the 2023 Babalon Rising Festival. (If you applied to present at the 2020-2022 festivals , please resubmit your information so we have full and correct information. The form has changed slightly.)

Brandy Williams

Brandy Williams is  a priestess, magician and activist. She is High Priestess of Anahata Rose Croix Chapter of Ordo Templi Orientis and an ordained priestess of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. She is a Georgian high priestess and a Nath Tantrika. Her Golden Dawn motto is Via Amore Gnostike, Insight Through Love. She sits on the Kitsap County Council for Human Rights. She is also a master gardener and a member of the Medieval Womens Choir who sing of love and spiritual devotion. She lives in Washington state with her partners Ted and Alex, three cats and a dog. 

Bill Duvendack

Right Reverend Bill Duvendack is an internationally known astrologer, psychic, presenter, teacher, tarot reader, and author. He has presented in many venues, ranging from colleges and high schools to national and international conferences. He is the author of over a dozen published books on modern spirituality, with more soon to be released. He has had over four dozen essays published in various anthologies, and his magical writings have been translated into six languages, with more coming out soon. He regularly teaches digital courses on magick, astrology, and modern spirituality. He has been interviewed by the NY Times, RTE 1, and has made many TV and radio appearances.

For more information and to contact, please visit his website at

Laurelei Black

Laurelei Black is a hedge-rider, a cunning woman, and a traveler on the crooked path of the Witch. She is also a priestess of love and pleasure, an Ishtar-woman, an Aphrodite-woman. She is a friend to daemons and a mate to the Red God. A bone collector; a temple dancer.

Laurelei is the author of several books (including Temple of Love and The Witches' Key to the Legion: A Guide to Solomonic Sorcery), a co-Director and frequent presenter at the Babalon Rising Festival, a YouTuber, and the proud proprietress of Asteria Books and Events.

Laurelei's current projects include continuing in her writing, art, and workshops in service to Aphrodite and Qayin at festivals and other facilities, and building the Temple of Aphrodite Asteria. She lives near Madison, IN with her husband, Joe Black.

Laurelei is a 3* initiate in the OTO and has been a Director for the Babalon Rising festival since 2009.

Clair Hartshorne

Professional adult entertainer with an interest in occult ideas and spirituality. Working devotee of Babalon. 

Re DuVernay

Re DuVernay is a 3rd degree Alexandrian Witch and High Priestess of her coven, Cultus Catabasis. She has presented at Babalon Rising before, as well as at Detroit Pagan Pride, and has been leading public rituals for almost a decade. She has appeared on the podcasts "Magick Without Fears" and "Scroll of Thoth".